Thursday, 2 October 2014

jenny and wayne {wedding}

So.. let's start from the beginning..

"We met when I started guitar lessons (by the way he hates this story!), he was my teacher you see.  We both just hit it off and were trying NOT to say 'I love you' after a few months.  Instead we started saying 'the McDonalds thing' as there was an advert at the time where a guy gets his girlfriend a McDonalds breakfast and she says I love you impulsively and then it gets really awkward… "

Jenny and Wayne were married on one of the hottest days of the year, looking out on the edge of lake Windermere where family and friends all pitched in and laughs were plenty.

A wedding day is a special day for every couple but with Jenny having been in a serious car crash a few years before.. every single moment of this day had SO much gratitude and SO much joy.. to be a part of it and witness it all.. it really doesn't get much better..

Thank you to the loveliest Millie Benbow for coming with me on this wonderful little adventure.. :)