Tuesday, 3 June 2014

exactly how you are..

I think one of the biggest compliments that we get from our couples is when they say how we've captured people 'exactly how they are'.  Their energy, their mannerisms, their quirks, their normal.  It's funny because on a wedding day we get thrown head first in to a group of people we don't know.  We have a job to capture the day but we also have a job to capture them. And this is one of the parts of the job that I love the most.  Getting right in there.. in the thick of it.. not just shooting a wedding but sharing it.  To be able to immerse yourself.. to get under a wedding's skin.. to get to know the wedding and the people in it.. that's what makes us tick.

Moments.. moments moments moments. The in-between moments.  The in-between in-between moments.  The looks, the slight touches, squeezes, holding the tears in, letting the tears out, belly laughs, bear hugs, the lift of the eyebrow he always does.. the way she moves her hands.. the way Dad smiles.. the way Mum dances.. that's 'so' Kathryn.. that's 'so' Niall. 

 What's important to them.. who's important to them..

That's what we're interested in above anything else.

Sometimes these images.. however important to the couple, get left out of blog posts, whether that be on our own blogs or wedding blogs and are replaced with what is thought of as the inspirational stuff.. the epic couple shots.. the details.. beautiful sunsets.. the clever camera trickery.. all the images that we ohhh and ahhh over on Pinterest.   Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of that just as much as the next photographer… so for this wedding I wanted to show you the images that we feel most proud to give our couples.. :)

Kathryn and Niall.. thank you so much for letting us share your beautiful wedding..


  1. Aww for me these are the wow photos... gorgeous Emma & Pete, love the post, love the pics... x

  2. This is exactly why I've always thought your work's awesome...it so totally captures the couple and their loved ones, as if you're there celebrating too. It's all about the love and the family at weddings for me and you rock that ; ) xx

  3. It's all about the in-between :)

  4. love them! I love your approach to photographing weddings, it is so meaningful

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  5. Wow great set of photos, love your work and the images you have shown here. What a great day you as a photographer and the wedding party must of had.

  6. The photographers of Jack and Jem are trained and highly skilled this is why they get connected not only to the bride and groom, but with their parents, grandparents and the children those who attend the wedding ceremony.

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